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BPA-Free Water Bottles: Why is this a good thing?

BPA, better known as bisphenol a, is a colourless plastic compound first used in commercial production in the late ‘50s. This plastic compound is used for numerous products including cds, dvds and miscellaneous sports equipment, but perhaps the most common use for bpa is in the production of water bottles.

These water bottles suit a single-use application when it comes to water, but there are greater dangers involved than might initially be considered. While not wholly soluble in water, the bpa plastic does degrade and dissolve over time. For this reason, it is used in tin cans to prevent contact between the product inside and the tin, but not for repeat usage in the long term.

BPA breaks down with general wear and tear but the process can be excelled by putting it in the dishwasher or in the microwave, making it even more dangerous.

So why do we reuse our regular plastic water bottles? the truth is, we shouldn’t, it’s bad for our health as it means we are willfully ingesting harmful chemicals when the plastic gradually dissolves into the water. Studies have shown that BPA is a endocrine disruptor, something which can have a variety of adverse affects on our health. It can impact on your brain and your behaviour as well as physiologically on your prostate or on a fetus. Clearly pregnant women and young infants are most at risk, something which was pointed out in studies in the united states.

bobble: the alternative

The concerns over bpa are very real, something which seems to fly in the face of our attempts to reuse bottles in order to lower the impact our waste has on the environment. But the recommendation is that we shouldn’t be reusing standard water bottles, we should be using bpa-free bottles and avoiding all the health hazards.

We all care about the environment and want to prevent plastics entering landfill unnecessarily, so simply abandoning a policy of reusing bottles is not the way to move forward. General littering is also a huge problem when it comes to water bottles too, as people who don’t reuse their bottles simply cast them aside on our streets and in public areas.

Instead of simply buying water in bottles and using them only once, a fantastic alternative is bobble.

Bobble has propelled the issue of reusable water bottles into the mainstream. as a bpa-free alternative, bobble allows you to have fresh, clean water over and over again, without the worry that the chemical makeup of the vessel itself is dissolving slowly into the water and flooding your body with toxins.

You can counteract the negative impact of regular, single-use water bottles by keeping bobble by your side at all times. now you need never be without a healthy water source again. Take a look at our website for more information about bobble, our processes and the many benefits it holds for both your health and the health of our planet.

You can get in touch with us for more information today and we’ll be happy to help – we can even offer branded bobble options for your company.


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